The exclusive Intelli-Sense™ technology does the thinking for you.

Just one button switches your ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier to AUTO, constantly monitoring the air and responding automatically to any changes in air quality.

Whenever the air purifier is running, the highly sensitive particle sensor can detect changes in the density of contaminant particles such as smoke, pollen and dust, while a handy display lets you know how clean or dirty the air is at any one time.

Plus the system automatically responds to this information by increasing or decreasing the speed of operation as needed, so you don’t need to lift a finger. This also reduces power consumption. The ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency's strict guidelines for energy efficient performance, earning an ENERGY STAR rating for cost efficiency.

Even when you’re not there, your ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier keeps monitoring the air in your home, selecting the best speed to maintain the best possible air quality. Your family will always walk into a room of healthy, clean and odour-free air.

It has never been easier to protect your family from airborne contaminants, allergens and viruses.